Dental Bridges in Arlington, VA

If you are missing teeth and having trouble speaking or chewing, or are noticing strain when biting, bridges may be the ideal procedure to help make your mouth healthy and beautiful again. Bridges literally “bridge” gaps between teeth by filling them with strong, natural-looking artificial teeth. Bridges are semi-permanent – they can only be removed by a dentist – and are comfortable and proven to strengthen teeth.

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What Are Dental Bridges?

Dental bridges are dental installations that fill the gaps of missing teeth in patients’ mouths with dental crowns. Dental bridges can be most effective when you are missing only a few teeth in a row. Patients with more significant gaps of missing teeth may require dentures.

Dental bridges use your existing natural teeth to support the bridge, which the dentist forms from dental crowns. With dental bridges, Lighthouse Dental dentists can help you gain confidence in your smile once again.

Why Is It Important To Replace Missing Teeth?

Installing a dental bridge has positive aesthetics effects, but that isn’t the only reason you should consider a dental bridge if you’re missing some of your natural teeth. Dental bridges can prevent your remaining teeth from moving inward toward the gap.

When your natural teeth shift after a loss of other teeth, it can cause imbalances in your bite, which may lead to eventual jaw problems. Shifted teeth can also crowd and become difficult to clean. When teeth are too crowded and prevent your toothbrush from cleaning between them, plaque can build up and cause tooth decay, causing even more tooth loss.

    The Dental Bridge Installation Process

    The idea behind dental bridges is simple. The dentist fits crowns that replicate the look of your natural teeth in the gaps of your smile. The natural teeth on either side of the gap get shaved down and topped with crowns, too. All of these crowns connect to form a bridge over the opening.

    A dentist can install dental bridges for the loss of a single tooth or multiple consecutive teeth. Patients missing a single tooth may also choose to replace it with an implant-supported crown. Patients who have lost more than three consecutive natural teeth will work with the dentist to determine if a partial denture could be a better solution for their dental needs.

    Who Should Consider a Tooth Bridge?

    Any patients who are missing teeth can benefit from dental bridges. If you have large gaps in your smile, dental bridges can restore your confidence in your smile. Dental bridges can also help patients with speech pronunciation. Patients with dental bridges can also enjoy using all areas of their mouth when chewing food again.

    Regardless of age, patients can help preserve the remainder of their natural teeth as dental bridges are a preventative treatment method. Bridges are semi-permanent and can last for decades with the correct oral hygiene.

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