Dental Crowns in Arlington, VA

Crowns are a type of dental restoration that, when cemented into place, fully covers that portion of a tooth that lies at and above the gum line. In comparison, composite fillings/inlays/onlays are dental restorations that are used to fill in or cover over just a portion of a tooth. Since dental crowns encase the entire visible aspect of a tooth, a dental crown in effect becomes the tooth’s new outer surface.

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When is a Dental Crown Necessary?

Crowns are used to rebuild broken or decayed teeth, to strengthen teeth, and as a means by which to enhance the cosmetic appearance of teeth. Dr. Mistry uses state-of-the-art all-porcelain, metal-free crowns that are both strong and beautiful. Dental crowns are often referred to as “dental caps”.

Cosmetic Benefits of Dental Crowns

Patients who want to replace missing natural teeth with dental crowns can effectively restore their smile. You can have the dentist install a dental crown that matches your remaining teeth’ color for a seamless smile.

Tooth-colored dental crowns appear much more natural than metal dental crowns and can help patients regain confidence. Filling the gap where you are missing a tooth can also prevent your other teeth from shifting inward.

    Practical Dental Crown Benefits

    While dental crowns help keep your teeth looking nice and straight, preventing your other teeth from drifting inward has practical benefits, too. Tartar and plaque can build up in crowded teeth as they move closer together and become harder to clean.

    This buildup on your teeth can cause tooth decay and may eventually lead to further tooth loss. Other practical benefits of getting dental crowns include:


    • Better pronunciation
    • The ability to chew with all areas of your mouth again
    • A healthy and balanced jaw

    How To Care for Your Dental Crowns

    Caring for your dental crowns isn’t challenging. It’s as easy as caring for your natural teeth, so if you have good oral hygiene, looking after your crowns won’t be hard. Make sure to brush your teeth twice daily and floss as well to prevent bacterial buildup.

    With proper care, your dental crowns can last you for decades. As semi-permanent installations, you will want to extend their use as long as possible. Also, proper care for your dental crowns can prevent them from discoloring and becoming more noticeable next to your natural teeth.

    Are Dental Crowns Right for You?

    If you are missing teeth, dental crowns may be suitable for you, regardless of your age. The benefits of dental crowns for replacing missing teeth extend far beyond aesthetics. While it is nice to have a reconstructed smile, dental crowns also prevent further dental problems.

    Having your dentist install a tooth crown can prevent your bite from becoming misaligned over time by shifting teeth. However, our specialists may recommend dental implant restoration or partial dentures for patients who are missing more than three teeth in a row.

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