A Straighter Smile with Invisalign in Arlington, VA

Dr. Kevin Mistry is an Invisalign® Elite provider and can offer his patients invisible braces. Invisalign® uses new technology to offer you the straightest way to a great smile. The new removable invisible aligners will straighten your teeth without anyone realizing you are receiving orthodontic treatment. With Invisalign® there are no metal wires or brackets, only proven results. It is a comfortable and convenient way to straighten teeth and have a beautiful smile.

For a beautiful smile you can feel confident about, call Dr. Kevin Mistry of Lighthouse Dental to learn about Invisalign treatment.

For those in the Arlington, VA, area looking to have their smile rejuvenated and teeth straightened, Invisalign is a viable option in your neighborhood. This alternative to traditional braces has many benefits that make it popular and sought after among patients wanting a straighter smile.

Dr. Kevin Mistry, an expert with more than 600 hours of additional training in Invisalign, is qualified to set you up with what you need. Do not hesitate to schedule a consultation with him at Lighthouse Dental today.

What is Invisalign?

Invisalign has been around for a little more than two decades and has proven to be a great alternative to traditional braces. Professionals have used Invisalign to correct various issues, from underbites and overbites to gaps in teeth.

Invisalign uses its own patented material called SmartTrack, an FDA-approved, latex-free thermoplastic that stands the test of time. Invisalign is not a one-size-fits-all solution but adapts itself to your particular bite. You can ask Lighthouse Dental about Invisalign Full, which treats the entire mouth, or Invisalign Lite, meant for milder cases.

The Pros of Invisalign

Invisalign’s “clearest” example of why it is so successful with patients is its near-invisibility. When Invisalign patients smile, the corrective material does not obscure their natural look. Others will hardly notice them, and you may forget you are even wearing them, as this alternative to traditional braces is considered very comfortable. The SmartTrack material has no sharp edges or bulky metal. Each tray is perfectly custom-fitted for your mouth.

Unlike traditional braces, you can remove your Invisalign at any time, which allows for maximum cleanliness when it comes time to brush and floss your teeth. Removable braces are also great for adults and teenagers who participate in sports or other physical activities, ensuring the utmost safety. You may also rest assured that food limitations no longer apply, as an Invisalign patient can still enjoy hard or sticky treats.

Most importantly, Invisalign has proven to be very effective at straightening and realigning teeth, even faster than traditional braces, according to Invisalign’s website. It goes beyond having a better smile you can feel confident about—straight, gapless teeth are more comfortable to maintain and clean, which means a lot for your overall gum and dental health.

Is Invisalign Right for You?

Invisalign is great for adults and teenagers who are looking to repair their smiles. However, not everyone is a suitable candidate. Dr. Kevin Mistry of Lighthouse Dental will be able to properly assess your case and determine whether it is right for you.

Generally speaking, different aspects go into figuring out who is a good Invisalign patient. Children and young teenagers are not typically good candidates for Invisalign because their teeth are still growing. Older teenagers who do not have to worry about that can naturally embrace Invisalign for its comfort. Given that they already have enough going on in their lives, adults can benefit from Invisalign for that reason.


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